Quark development environment

A javascript runtime and an integrated development environment


Created the Quark software. A full fledged application development and distribution platform for Windows, Mac and Linux based operating systems.

Since it's public announcement in August 2019, the project website has been viewed over 115,000 times and the Quark software itself has been downloaded by over 10,000 users around the world.

Quark development environment

Quark development environment is powered by the same code editor as of Microsoft's Visual Studio Code (VSCode).

The IDE is cross-platform, and boasts of features like an integrated terminal, multiple theme support, more than 150 different editor settings, an inbuilt package manager, and a fully-configurable build system (webpack).

    Documentation, DevOps, E2E testing and Status page

    Quark follows all the best practices of software development, has a neat documentation coupled with continuous integration and end-to-end tests on Travis CI.

    The software also boasts of novel features like 'automatic-updates' with multiple release channels namely 'stable', 'insiders' and 'nightly' release.

    Also, in case of service disruption, Quark has a status page that users can subscribe to via email, and get notified on the issue.

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