Chief engineer and Deputy Team Leader at Team Definaz Racing. Under my leadership, the team secured its best-ever overall position at Formula Student UK and finished Second Overall at Formula Student Bharat (teams best result till date).

During the time, I was responsible for the design of the engine and its sub-systems (fuel tank, exhaust manifold, intake manifold, radiator design) and electronics of the vehicle.

    Electronic steering wheel

    Developed this carbon fiber reinforced, touch controlled, electronic steering wheel.

    Built with Arduino and Nextion HMI display, the steering wheel served as the central command center for all the vehicle electronics that includes the pneumatic gear shifter, data acquisition system/data logger, drag reduction system and the variable geometry intake manifold.

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      Data acquisition system

      Build with Arduino and Processing, this data acquisition system handles more that 20 different sensors.

      The data is sent in real time via a radio transmitter mounted on the car and received on the client side via a receiver connected to a laptop

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      Variable Geometry Intake Manifold

      This project won the second best innovation award in the Formula Student UK competition. I've also published a research paper on the same.

      Built on top of a banned Formula 1 technology (variable resonance induction system), this system massively improved the overall vehicle performance, mainly power of the engine at the top end and throttle response of the engine on the bottom end of the RPM range.

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        The aim of this project was to acquire, analyse and apply the output characteristics of the engine in further optimizations and calculations like engine performance, intake-exhaust simulations, fuel consumption calculations, etc

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